Meet Joanne Marracci

Owner, Operator, Designer, Maker, Seller, Buyer, Photographer, Bookkeeper, Janitor, Dreamer, wearer of many many hats.

"I take great joy in how all things are connected yet each part is unique unto itself.  I rejoice in the human condition - that each of us is singular, distinctive and extraordinary for our own merits -perfect in our imperfections."


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the vision

From the curly tendrils of the fiddlehead to the pattern of rust on an urban downspout, to the stoney cracked facade of an ancient rock wall - inspiration comes in all sizes every day for any reason.  I take awe in the creations made from nature as well as those made by human hands in all mediums.  I am not afraid to leave a scratch here, a dent there.  I am a maker.  And I am proud of my artist's hands and wish to leave my mark, literally and figuratively in the jewelry that I make. My lines are not parallel, plumb, or square and neither am I.  As I rejoice in the human condition and its flaws, I embrace those parts of me that aren't perfect as I share my vision with you of what is beautiful.

I am a firm fan of opportunity as well as intention and believe we all can tap the creative spark if we just relax, have fun and have faith in ourselves.

It's OK not to be prefect, uh, I mean perfect.

Here is just a sampling of some of my inspirations.  The sparks that light the fire to create something just a little different.

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The Textures

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The Nature

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