Marracci Designs

Who the Heck is Joanne Marracci Anyway?

Owner, Operator, Designer, Maker, Seller, Buyer, Photographer, Bookkeeper, Janitor, Dreamer, wearer of many many hats.

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"What's my motto? 

Be Happy.  Laugh A Lot.  Make Stuff."


I am a maker. I am not afraid to leave a scratch here, a dent there. I am proud of my artist's hands and wish to leave my mark, literally and figuratively in the jewelry that I make. My lines are not parallel, plumb, or square and neither am I. As I rejoice in the human condition and its flaws, I embrace those parts of me that aren't perfect as I share my vision with you.

I believe I make each piece for its eventual owner. That is why each piece is different and unique. The secret and sacred connection forged in every piece becomes apparent as soon as it crosses paths with it's new home.

That's when the magic happens.

It's OK not to be prefect, uh, I mean perfect.

Here is just a sampling of some of my inspirations.  The sparks that ignite the fire to create something just a little different.

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The Textures

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The Nature